A Healthful Vision

The art of longevity involves sleeping well, eating well, and living well day to day. As an acupuncturist my role is to help transform the landscape of a patient’s body so that the environment within the body can function at its best, which allows my patients a better chance at living healthy and disease free. However there are many factors that must be addressed, and the power of my treatment is more potent when patients do their part to create a healthy environment within their own bodies.  This is one of the reasons that I prescribe herbs for my patients. Herbs are medicinal. They bring elements from the natural world into the body to nourish and protect the organs, cells and tissues.

I believe it is important for my patients to understand that one of the fundamental energy sources for the body is The Sun. We receive nourishment through both direct sunlight and from the breakdown of the food that we eat, and of course all of our food sources gather their energy from the sun. The sun is therefore how the cells in our bodies are fed and therefore capable of doing their job. Of course too much of anything, even a good thing like the sun, can be too much. The Confucian Doctrine of the Mean, which advocates for longevity and peace in society, teaches that living moderately is to our advantage. It is interesting to point out here that even moderation can be adhered to in moderation, and that indulging on special occasions is healthy and forthcoming.

As our world is rapidly changing to make living more comfortable it is easy to be indulgent on a regular basis, which may lead to pleasure in the short term but can lead to an increased chance of suffering in the long term. Taking a moment to step back, and regain a vision for a long, prosperous and peaceful life can lead to questions like: What can I do to ensure the health of my family and the environment we live in? Unfortunately, there are chemicals in our food, clothing, household products, medicines, etc. that on the one hand have made aspects of life more efficient and hospitable, but on the other hand study after study are now illustrating how the potency of these chemicals can lead to illness and disease.  We are bombarded by information warning us about pollutants and what might cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, infertility or autism. But what can we do to better the situation? Our health is not something that we should be afraid of.

I will be updating my web-site, www.AdeleReising.com, each week with links to recent articles that will help you to be informed about how to avoid products with adverse side effects, as well as information to help you make healthy and conversant choices. Knowledge of certain products, which are known to be dangerous, gives us the power to make informed decisions and minimize unnecessary exposure to pollutants.  To put it simply: If you know that flame-retardant is a neuro-toxin you might order a bed without it – they have to be special ordered but it is entirely possible. I believe that we spend too much time sitting in front of computers as it is, but I understand that this is the world we live in, and so our ways of healing must be modern. For your own convenience I will post weekly with the articles that I recommend for raising our level of awareness around the issues that pertain to health. Also, for those who are caring about how to take on some global responsibility you will glean a better understanding about what you can do to help. In my opinion, it is in the small things done daily that we can collectively have the greatest impact.

The key to health is in understanding that the environment we live in must be healthy in order for our bodies to be healthy.  Our choices have effects on our own personal health as well as the health of our planet. When you begin to understand the way that the whole body and all of its parts are actually only one body – that a problem in the lungs affects the arms, the heart, the brain – you begin to understand the whole picture. We hope to be a reliable resource and friend to those who are also interested in the idea of good health.

Please feel welcome to join in the discussion, and we look forward to learning with you.

Healthy wishes,


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