Health of Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth – made from any animal bones, but preferable beef knuckles and spine or chicken backs and necks – is a ubiquitous food-medicine across the world. I use it as both a curative and as a preventative medicine.  Bone broth is very nutrient-dense. Its high mineral content makes it good for bones, as does the presence of gelatin, which lubricates the joints and skin. I believe it also helps ward off a cold or flu when taken as a tea at the very first signs of a tickle in your throat, with garlic, ginger and a dash of cayenne.

If our digestion or diet is even somewhat suboptimal, we likely have nutritional deficiencies. Since minerals are already hard to digest, it’s probable we’re not getting enough of them. Here’s where bone broth is so great! The slow and long cooking with a bit of unfiltered Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg’s) draws out the minerals and collage/gelatin from the bones. This way the minerals are just floating around waiting to be absorbed. Much easier than having to digest and liberate the minerals by ourselves!

Please see my Winter newsletter for a recipe.

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