Cupping is also a type of Chinese medical therapy. It can be applied in tandem with an acupuncture treatment or on its own.

The most common method of cupping is called fire cups.  A flame is used to burn up the oxygen in the cup and create suction when applied to the skin.  The process is very quick so the cups do not heat up. The cups are left in place for  10 to 15 minutes. The suction will cause the skin to be drawn lightly upward into the cup which promotes circulation to the area, stimulates the immune system and releases toxins that have built up deep within the skin tissue. Because of this it can leave temporary marks that look like a hicky or bruise. The marks take a few days to a week to disappear.  If you watched the 2016 Summer Olympics you may have seen cupping marks on the USA swimmers. Cupping treats:

fatigue ∙ anxiety ∙ migraine ∙ stiff muscles ∙ back pain ∙ neck pain ∙ asthma ∙ frozen shoulder ∙ sciatica

Cupping is a pleasurable and relaxing therapy and the benefits will last a few days to one week. Repeated visits may be necessary depending on the severity of the condition.  

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