Herbal Therapy

With a compendium of over 5,000 herbs, Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of disease. The art of Chinese herbal medicine lies in the practitioner’s knowledge of these herbs, their properties, how they interact with each other and what combinations will provide the best support for each disorder.

After a diagnosis with your first acupuncture treatment, when appropriate, your practitioner will prescribe a formula of raw herbs for you to take or a high quality premium brand in pill form that you can take to enhance the overall benefits of acupuncture therapy. A skilled herbalist can individualize herbal treatments to your specific needs keeping in mind medications you already take. She can also adjust the formula as your condition changes and improves. We have years of experience using herbs medicinally, and in fact Adele was the department chair of herbal medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for several years. All of our herbs are sourced, tested for impurities and reliable.

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