Allergies and Autoimmune Disorders

We see many patients who suffer from allergies and autoimmune disorders. Chinese medicine is a very safe and effective way of reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and improving the energy and vitality of those who live with allergies and autoimmune disorders. We address the variety of symptoms and treat the root of the disease by bringing the immune system back into balance, without any side effects.


An allergy is a high sensitivity to certain substances like pollens, foods, or microorganisms. The most common indications of an allergy can include sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, pain behind the eyes, headaches and skin rashes. While there are antihistamines and decongestants for allergies, they only treat the symptoms for short-term relief.

We treat seasonal allergies, eczema, chronic sinus infections, nasal polyps, asthma, recurring colds and skin rashes. We have actually cured many people of their allergies over the years and reduced the symptoms and severity in others.

Autoimmune Disorders

It’s not entirely understood why a person’s immune system malfunctions causing it to attack its own healthy tissue, but genetics, bacteria, viruses, toxins, and some drugs may play a role in triggering an autoimmune process. There are medications for autoimmune diseases but while they may ease the symptoms and decrease some of the inflammation, these medicines also weaken the very immune system they’re trying to help. In addition, the side effects of these drugs can be significant.

There are approximately 100 autoimmune disorders if not more. We treat any autoimmune disorder, including:

Endometriosis ∙ Rheumatoid Arthritis ∙ Hashimoto’s Disease ∙ Chronic Fatigue ∙ Grave’s Disease ∙ Diabetes ∙ Crohn’s Disease ∙ Multiple Sclerosis ∙ Psoriasis

In working together with you we can improve your overall health, minimize symptoms and potentially allow you (in conjunction with your physician) to reduce your medications as your condition improves.

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