Skin & Lymphatic System: Dry Brushing

I am a big fan of dry brushing. It stimulates the skin and helps move the lymph back to the center of the body to be processed and detoxified. Dry brushing also helps improve circulation and stimulate the nervous system.

Use a firm body brush (I like sisal brushes, but any natural brush will do, even a loofah) to brush your skin softly but vigorously in a circular motion. Start on the feet, first brushing the soles, then the tops and up the legs to the torso. Then brush the palms, the backs of the hands and up the arms to the torso. A long handled brush will help you reach your back. You are always brushing towards the heart. Avoid the face and delicate areas.

Dry skin is sometime sloughed off during this process. This is normal.

Follow-up with a shower and gently towel dry. Moisturize as you normally would.

Neti Pot for the Sinuses

For sinus congestion, allergies and to prevent colds

Materials: Neti pot, sea salt or kosher salt, baking soda

In the Neti pot mix ¼ to ½ tsp of salt with ¼ tsp baking soda, add lukewarm water and stir. Rinse each nostril 3 to 5 times. I recommend letting the water flow straight back and spitting it out your mouth for first time users. Avoid using the Neti pot while you are sick. The baking soda creates an alkaline environment which prevents bacterial overgrowth. If you experience burning, increase your Vitamin C consumption and reduce the amount of salt.

Castor Oil Pack for Joint Pain

  1. Materials: castor oil, a piece of flannel or an unbleached paper towel, Saran wrap, hot water bottle or heating pad
  2. Put 1 T of castor oil on the paper towel and let it absorb, or put castor oil directly on affected area and cover with flannel.
  3. Place Saran wrap over this to protect your heating pad or water bottle from the oil
  4. Place the heating pad or hot water bottle over the Saran wrap.
  5. Enjoy for 10 to 20 minutes, apply to your aches and pains.