Patient Testimonials


When I first came to Adele several years ago, I was living in constant pain due to severe endometriosis. My quality of life was rapidly declining each month, and no Western medical treatments had alleviated my symptoms.

To make matters worse, a well-known reproductive endocrinologist in New York City told me I would likely never have children, that I was already sliding into perimenopause in my early 30’s.

Someone recommended Adele. I started with weekly acupuncture sessions, diligently drank a pungent-smelling herbal tea and followed a strict diet. As the weeks passed, the pain became more manageable and within 3 months my menstrual cycles were back on track.

Within 6 months, I conceived naturally. The pregnancy started off rocky as my progesterone levels didn’t rise as expected. However, with regular treatments by Adele and progesterone supplements from my doctor, I continued on to have a normal pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby.

Today, I have two beautiful daughters thanks in large part to Adele’s healing and manage my endometriosis pain with continued treatment, herbs and diet. I can’t say enough about Adele’s ability and I encourage anyone having issues, especially with pain from endometriosis or infertility, to seek her out.


For over twenty years, while living in California, I suffered from migraine headaches, sometimes as many as three and four a week. I had been to countless doctors during that time, who prescribed myriads of diagnostic tests, innumerable prescription drugs, and alternative practices thrown in for good measure. Nothing worked to stop these migraines.

After moving to New York City, I was referred through a friend to Adele.

Over the course of several months I followed her advice to the letter along with receiving the acupuncture treatments. The result has been nothing short of a miracle. I am virtually headache free and the quality of my life has never been better.

There cannot be too many accolades for Adele Reising. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and her methods are absolutely focused on the individual.

She is a true healer.


“When I first went for treatment with Adele Reising, hailing a taxi cab to get to her office taxed the limits of my physical capabilities. My M.D. had prescribed heavy doses of antibiotics and other drugs to cure my disease and my body responded with an almost total collapse: I could not walk more than a few yards without feeling exhausted, had trouble speaking, was in severe pain, and I often could not sit up for more than a few hours a day.Over the course of several months, Adele treated my symptoms patiently and persistently. She found ways to strengthen my body and improved my overall quality of life tenfold. Working with the information from my M.D., from reports of my symptoms, and her own examinations, Adele made recovery a meaningful word to me after several years of illness.Two years ago I arrived at Adele Reising’s office a Humpty Dumpty, close to giving up on all the king’s horses and all the king’s men. Adele Reising has been putting my body back together again ever since.”

Camila Viegas-Lee

Camila Viegas-Lee, New York correspondent for BBC Brazil, sought treatment to support fertility. She is now the mother of a baby girl.”I was trying to get pregnant for eight months when I found out that my left fallopian tube was blocked. My ob/gyn recommended a fertility doctor who said that “when one is blocked, the other is probably nor working either.” So we decided to monitor my cycle for three months and then do an in-vitro fertilization. My friend Onur Aydinoglu, who is also a professor at the Southwest Acupuncture College, told me that acupuncture could greatly enhance the chances for a successful in-vitro – which in my case was about 35% – and the best fertility specialist in New York is Adele Reising.I met Adele in the beginning of January 2009 and was completely in awe with her knowledge. In addition to reading carefully the results of my blood tests and my food journal, she asked atypical questions: if I had night sweats, were my feet cold? Yes, yes… We decided to try to lower my FSH, direct blood to my uterus, resolve some ‘empty heat’, and stimulate my right ovary – so I’d have a chance with my right fallopian tube. She also gave me an herbal tea to drink. In the third session she slipped under her breath that she thought I would not need an IVF. I was hopeful but skeptical. In February, I ovulated from the right side and when I went for my last sonogram before starting my in-vitro cycle the technician shouted: “You have a gestational sack!” Ever since this wonderful discovery, I kept on going to Adele for more acupuncture. She helped manage my morning sickness, seasonal allergies, general anxiety for becoming a mom… and never forgets the beautiful baby points.

Adele, my husband Larry and I can’t thank you enough!”


“When my first child, Tyler, was born, I was concerned and unsure what was wrong with him. He did not appear to be reaching developmental milestones on time and lacked the social components typical of a child his age. Additionally he suffered from chronic diarrhea, slow growth, and appeared to be allergic to everything he ate.Over time my concern increased. Tyler was getting older and his problems were growing and changing. As a school age boy, Tyler had great difficulty attending in class. He could not focus, and would lash out by hitting others and running away. He also suffered from anxiety and OCD symptoms that made it impossible for him to get class work done. Our public school requested that we find a new placement for Tyler in a special education classroom; however, since Tyler tested above grade level or on grade level he did not fit in with the typical special education profile.Our frustration and concern became overwhelming. We brought Tyler to a pediatric developmental neurologist who finally diagnosed him with Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers Syndrome is a disorder that lies on the autistic spectrum. It affects the social and emotional development of a child. I wondered what would happen with the life of my child who suffered from so many health ailments. I was willing to try anything to help him have a normal life.

When we took Tyler to Adele, he was 7 years old and his main issues were gastrointestinal problems, slow growth, anxiety, OCD, lack of focus and attention and lack of general appropriate behavior interacting with others. At this point Tyler had already seen multiple Chinese medical practitioners, naturopathic doctors, and was obtaining services through the state to help with his behaviors. Additionally, his diet was already modified to exclude wheat and dairy, and minimize sugar intake. All of which did provide some help at times.

The miracle that we have experienced through Tyler’s treatments with Adele is a dream that has become reality. Adele prescribed Chinese herbs for Tyler and within days there were big positive changes. I was finally able to connect with the person that was there for so many years under the obstruction that made it impossible for him to interact. I will always hold in my heart and mind the moment he looked at me with his crystal blue eyes and spoke with complete clarity and intelligence. His true self was unveiled and all those who know Tyler are thankful for this miracle.

Tyler remains in his regular education classroom and we are greeted with smiles by teachers and staff. They are no longer searching for a new placement for him. They are also amazed by his transformation, as he can sit and attend to his work for longer periods of time. When the stimulation of his environment becomes too much, he communicates this to those around him; rather then reacting inappropriately by hitting or running away. Tyler is manageable in his environment, and he is growing and thriving as a first grade student.

I was unable to hold back the tears when I visited his class and he was reading a book to them. He looked up at me with a smile in the midst of his reading, and my heart was so filled with joy, I couldn’t imagine a happier moment in my life. Adele is truly an amazing healer. If it were not for her, my family would not have experienced this miracle.”