About Us

Patients come to us often with a variety of health concerns. So we’ve built a practice integrating a number of different specialties and modalities. Our team of practitioners is well trained and we pride ourselves on being life-long learners. We stay current on all of the most important biomedical advances as well as deepening our understanding of the Chinese classics. We also consult with one another on patient care to provide continuity of treatment within the practice.

Because we take an integrative approach to health we understand what your doctor is talking about when you tell us she suggests various fertility treatments such as clomid, IVF or ICSI, what your blood work results imply, or what the medicines you are taking do. We have years of experience in integrative medicine, and know how to combine Chinese medicine with biomedical medicine.

We’re looking at you as a whole person so we know from our collective years of training that, for example, a patient with infertility may also suffer from anxiety or insomnia. In order to optimize fertility, we will want to also address other current health issues to promote fertility and overall health and well-being.

No matter what your health concern is, the symptoms you’re suffering, or whether you simply want to feel better, have more energy and vitality, we’re here to help you.

You can read our patient testimonials, by clicking over to the Testimonials page.