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Adele Reising Acupuncture

Patients come to me often with a variety of health concerns so I have built a practice integrating a number of different specialties and modalities. My team of licensed acupuncturists are well trained and pride themselves on being life-long learners. They stay current on all of the most important biomedical advances as well as deepening their understanding of the Chinese classics. We also consult with one another on patient care to provide continuity of treatment within the practice. This aspect of the practice has been very important to me, and I have taken great care in building a cohesive and integrative team.

The art of practicing Chinese medicine involves a huge body of theory and practice. Traditionally, licensed acupuncturists start out focusing on one or two specialties and learning how to apply the theory within these specialties. After a practitioner has become adept at skillfully treating diseases within a given specialty, they may branch out into other specialties. This is an organic process to some extent. A patient with infertility may also suffer from frequent colds and allergies. In order to optimize fertility, the acupuncturist will want to also address other current health issues to make the patient as healthy as possible to promote fertility and overall health and well-being. In this way the practitioner treats other issues outside of their initial specialty. Often an acupuncturist of Chinese Medicine will expand into a more general practice the longer one has been in practice.

In my case after I finished my master’s degree in Chinese Medicine in New York, I started out studying with clinical internships in two different Beijing hospitals . At those hospitals I focused on gynecology and infertility, and sports medicine and pain management. I spent 13 months pursuing these post-graduate studies in Beijing. This was a great opportunity to gain a lot of experience and insight in the 2 separate disciplines, as I was able to see and help treat about 200 patients a week, all within those 2 disciplines.  After 2 years of private practice in New York I returned to Beijing for a further 16 months, with the help of a Blakemore Foundation grant, to pursue more advanced studies of the Chinese language and classical Chinese medical texts.

Over the years as my practice has grown the number of conditions I treat has naturally expanded to include a variety of disciplines such as allergies, asthma, auto-immune disorders, gastro- intestinal disorders, migraines, chronic headache and TMJ, chronic lyme disease, and cancer treatment support.

I take an integrative approach, so I understand what your doctor is talking about when you tell me she suggests various procedures or tests, what your blood work results imply, or what the medicines you are taking do. All of the licensed acupuncturists who work with me understand this too.

We also offer a range of bodywork modalities, including Swedish massage, Craniosacral therapy (CST) and Ortho-Bionomy, Manual Lymph Drainage massage and Acupuncture facial rejuvenation.

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