Gynecology and Infertility

There is a rich tradition of treating gynecological disorders and infertility in Chinese Medicine. Dating back to the Han Dynasty 2000 years ago, the classic text The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic discusses female development, menstruation and fertility in the very first chapter. Gynecology arose as a distinct field of study in the Song dynasty some 1000 years later when specializations within Chinese Medicine developed, flourished and continues to aid women to this day. Adele and her team specialize in gynecological disorders, including infertility. Adele spent six months doing post graduate work in the gynecological ward at a major Chinese medical hospital in Beijing (The Xi Yuan Yi Yuan) in 1998 to complete her specialization in gynecology and infertility. While at the hospital Adele saw over 200 gynecological cases each week. She studied with three different doctors, one specializing in infertility, one in menopausal syndrome and one with a general practice for all gynecological disorders. She has lectured and taught this subject to other practitioners of Chinese medicine since 1999. All of the members of Adele’s team are well versed in treating gynecological disorders including infertility.


Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are holistic in the sense that we take into consideration all of a patient’s signs and symptoms, and then we work to establish health and wellbeing in order to facilitate optimal gynecological health and fertility. In the bio-medical treatment of a gynecological issue the symptoms may be alleviated with treatment but in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture the symptoms and underlying cause are improved or sometimes even cured. The added benefit is that patients actually feel healthier as they receive treatment.

Our practice treats a wide variety of menstrual disorders such as:

Irregular or heavy menstruation ∙ painful periods . PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) ∙ amenorrhea ∙ fibroids ∙ endometriosis ∙ adenomyosis ∙ cervical dysplasia ∙ PMS ∙ migraines ∙ headaches ∙ acne ∙ chronic yeast infections ∙ menopausal syndrome. Infertility. recurring miscarriage

In addition, we treat pregnancy and post-partum related disorders such as:

Morning sickness ∙ insomnia ∙ breach presentation ∙ pre-term labor ∙ delayed labor ∙ pre-eclampsia ∙ gestational diabetes ∙ post-partum depression ∙ post-partum pain ∙ post-partum incontinence ∙ insufficient lactation ∙ sciatica ∙carpal tunnel ∙ headaches and migraines . Low back pain

Over the years we have helped countless patients successfully treat their gynecological conditions with Chinese Medicine. In many instances our patients simply didn’t realize that they didn’t have to suffer with the symptoms associated with menstruation, pregnancy, the post-partum period and menopause.


To improve fertility we work with patients once a week for 3 to 6 months in order to restore hormonal balance to the body. If appropriate we will also prescribe herbs. In some cases, we will treat a patient twice a week, but this is normally not necessary.  Usually a woman’s cycle is regulated in about 3 months’ time and pregnancy follows within the next 3 months, unless there are more complicated factors such as age-related infertility, immune issues, fibroids or endometriosis. We also assist women who are at any stage of their IVF treatments.

Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to increase the chances of success in IVF treatments, and for this, it is best to start treatments before an IVF cycle.  In fact, we recommend starting treatment 2 to 3 months in advance of IVF. However, if you have already started IVF, we still encourage you to start acupuncture right away. We recommend to women already undergoing IVF when they start receiving acupuncture to, at the very least, receive treatment on the day of transfer and to have treatments subsequent to transfer to aid in implantation. This is also true for women undergoing a transfer from an egg donor to encourage implantation.

Recurring miscarriage and failure to implant with IVF can also be treated. We often recommend patients also see a reproductive immunologist if this problem is recurrent.  All of this can be discussed during an initial consultation.
We have helped countless women and couples over the years conceive and carry to term to deliver a healthy baby.

In our practice we emphasize an integrative approach and can tailor the treatment to each individual patient. Some of our patients do not wish to pursue standard bio-medical fertility treatments while others may be already in the process of in-vitro fertilization or egg-donor procedures. Whichever the case, we individualize the treatment to enhance fertility based on each patient’s needs. We have years of experience with all types of infertility and can help formulate the best treatment strategy for success.

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