The Modified Yeast-Free Diet

The basic idea of the diet is to avoid dairy, wheat and sugar, including fruit juice and fruit juice sweetened products, agave, alcohol, you get the picture.

One to two pieces of fruit a day are allowed, but not tropical fruit, such as pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, they are too sweet.  The whole fruit must be eaten, not just the juice.  Most dried fruit is too sweet, goji berries are OK, but they should be cooked prior to eating.

Wheat should be avoided, miniscule amounts in soy sauce won’t kill you, but use moderation.  Wheat free soy sauce is available.  Other grains are OK except barley and rye, but I generally encourage people to get off all types of bread and crackers, even rice crackers, they just turn to sugar in the gut, especially if you binge on them.  Rice is a great grain, white or brown.  White is actually easier to digest, and it is a complex carb, it has staying power.  Brown rice should be washed and presoaked for at least 6 hours and up to 24 hours, that water should be dumped and fresh water used for cooking.  It makes it easier to digest, and prevents constipation, it also brings out the grain’s natural nutty flavor.  Pre-soaking is recommended for all whole grains.

Oats should not be over-processed, if it cooks in less than 10 minutes it is over-processed and breaks down too quickly into sugar in the gut.
Try Bob’s Red Mill oats, they cook in about 10 minutes and do not require pre-soaking.
I also love the buckwheat, it is not wheat, is gluten free and very good for you.
Occasionally as a treat, after the first 6 weeks, soba noodles are delicious, but they do contain some wheat as a binding agent.

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