Weekend’s Reading – January 7th, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone,

Healthy resolutions underway? All of the Good Advice about sticking to a resolution emphasizes the importance of starting small with changes that are do-able and sustainable. So the question to start the new year with is, what are the little things we can do on a regular basis that will help us to keep our momentum going all year long? Here are some unique ideas for new year’s resolutions if you haven’t come up with any sticky ones yet:

  1. Get the formaldehyde out of your closet
  1. Add some Seaweed to your meals once a week. It’s simple, nutritious and delicious.
  2. Research your Water sources? Know what’s in your H2O, and then drink plenty every day.
  3. Eat seasonally. Start with a warm Winter Soup.
  4. Hummm your sinuses clear.
  5. Download some new Uplifting Music to accompany you on a walk.
  6. Join in on a cause you believe in, and see the difference you can make.
  7. Read more! Here is a review of an interesting new book to get you started: The Emotional Calender
  8. Make sure your workout routine is targeting for strong, healthy Bones.
  9. Don’t eliminate deserts, just make healthy ones like these Cake Pops. This recipe is Gluten Free & too much fun not to share

Best of luck in your 2011 endeavors.
Warm Wishes,


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